NTCC Priorities

To develop a new vision for the National Tobacco Cessation Collaborative, the NTCC funders met and identified long term, overarching priorities around tobacco cessation. The priorities and major strategies for addressing tobacco cessation were introduced as the NTCC Tobacco Cessation Priorities for the Nation. Click on each priority below for more information about the priority, NTCC's role in that priority and partner activities.

  1. Increase consumer demand for evidence-based tobacco cessation treatments and services
  2. Link tobacco control public policy changes to increase cessation and treatment use and demand
  3. Promote the inclusion and use of tobacco control and cessation content in electronic health records (EHRs)
  4. Increase national, state and local longitudinal surveillance of tobacco-use cessation, including quitting motivation and behaviors, treatment beliefs and use, services, and policies
  5. Expand access to proven, effective treatments for tobacco addiction
  6. Support an expanded research agenda to achieve advances in the reach, effectiveness and adoption of tobacco cessation interventions across both individuals and populations
  7. Launch an ongoing, extensive, national paid media campaign on cessation to help Americans quit using tobacco
  8. Support the increase in the federal and state excise tax on tobacco to expand assistance for tobacco users who want to quit
  9. Build capacity for quitlines in order to provide universal access to evidence-based counseling and medications for tobacco cessation


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