1-800-QuitNow is a free telephone service that will link callers to a trained quit coach in their area to help them quit tobacco.

Addressing Tobacco in Managed Care
Program that promotes the integration of effective smoking cessation interventions into the basic health care provided by managed care organizations.

Become an EX
A national campaign launched in 2008 by the National Alliance for Tobacco Cessation. Smokers can create personalized quit plans.

California Tobacco Control Alliance
A California statewide coalition working to reduce tobacco use through collaboration with traditional tobacco control constituencies and inclusion of partners not traditionally associated with tobacco control.
A research study funded by the National Cancer Institute and led by the Oregon Research Institute offering assistance to smokeless tobacco users. Participants receive quitting assistance and are asked to complete research questionnaires on-line to help evaluate the program.

Great Start
A free program for pregnant smokers who want to quit sponsored by the American Legacy Foundation.

Helping Young Smokers Quit
The Helping Young Smokers Quit initiative is a two-phase project that addresses the critical need to disseminate effective, developmentally appropriate cessation programs for adolescent smokers. 

National Partnership to Help Pregnant Smokers Quit
A coalition of diverse organizations joining forces to improve the health of this and future generations by increasing the number of pregnant smokers who quit.

North American Quitline Consortium
A collaborative of quitline professionals from health departments, service providers, researchers, and national organizations in the United States and Canada working together to increase access to and the effectiveness of quitline services that help people in their attempts to quit smoking.

Free & Clear QuitForLifeTM Program
The national leader in phone-based tobacco dependence treatment, Free & Clear, Inc. helps employers, health plans and government agencies address tobacco use in their respective organizations.

Pacific Center on Health & Tobacco
A five-state coalition of agencies and state health departments working to implement comprehensive tobacco cessation programs in their own states and collaborating to provide the support and technical assistance needed for other states to design and implement effective programs.

Professional Assisted Cessation Therapy
An independent consortium of smoking cessation therapy professionals working to lower barriers to broader utilization of treatment through education and advocacy.

Quit Tobacco - Make Everyone Proud
A Department of Defense-sponsored tobacco cessation and education campaign to help active-duty U.S. servicemen and women between the ages of 18 and 25 quit tobacco.

A web-based cessation program operated in association with Boston University's School of Public Health.

Smokefree Families
A program dedicated to innovations to stop smoking during and beyond pregnancy.

Smoking Cessation Leadership Center
A national program of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation at the University of California, San Francisco with a mission to raise the number of health professionals and health care institutions that successfully help their patients to quit smoking.

Tobacco Cessation Leadership Network
Formed as the result of two multi-state collaborations from 2000-2005, the TCLN seeks to help increase the capacity in every state to establish effective cessation services.

Tobacco Free Nurses
An initiative focused on helping nurses to stop smoking funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


American Cancer Society Legacy Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Cancer Institute National Institute on Drug Abuse Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Consumer Demand YTCC The National Partnership for Smoke Free Families